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An Introduction to Safeguarding Children

Online E-Learning Training

Designed Specifically for Charities

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Focused E-learning

  • Developed in collaboration with safeguarding experts and the Small Charities Coalition


  • Designed specifically for charities and not-for-profits

  • CPD certified

  • 2 hour interactive and visually stimulating. Not just a glorified PowerPoint

  • Course covers

    • The concept of safeguarding​ children in a charity setting

    • How to recognise the different types of harm, abuse or neglect that a child can suffer

    • How to respond if you have concerns that a child is suffering abuse, harm or neglect

    • How to record and report these concerns within your charity and how these concerns will be referred to the relevant authorities and third parties

  • Perfect for onboarding new trustees, staff, and volunteers 

  • Delivered via our simple and secure online training system, or licenced to you for use on your own system


  • Take a short online test at the end of the training


  • Retake as often a required to pass, free of charge

  • No one will fail this course

  • Download your training completion certificate as a pdf immediately after training completion

  • Use as proof of training if you are investigated for child safeguarding issues

  • Prove to beneficiaries, supporters and donors that you take child protection seriously

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  • Standard price - £21.00


  • Your charity or VCSE may be eligible for a 25% discount on the standard price. Contact us to find out more - £15.75

  • Additional discount of up to 30% if this course is taken with one or more of our other courses

  • Contact us if you would like to licence this course for unlimited use on your own training system

  • All prices are per person and do not include VAT

  • Contact us and we will make sure we give you a great price!

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