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Information & Cyber Security Awareness 

Online E-Learning Training

Designed Specifically for Charities and VCSE's


"VSL courses bring what can be complex and confusing (but extremely important) subjects to life in a way that makes learning interesting and easily digestible.

We found the Cyber Security course to be particularly helpful and very complementary to their GDPR course. I’m glad that our team have undertaken both options."

Jo Blake - Development Manager,

Humanimal Trust

Your Charity is at Risk

Charities like yours have never been at a greater risk from cyber-attacks and online theft. With large amounts of very sensitive data about staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, cyber criminals see charities as an easy target.


The simplest way for criminals to access your systems, steal and sell your data, or hold you to ransom, is through your staff and volunteers.


All the expensive technology out there won’t prevent a successful attack if your people inadvertently allow them into your network through a lack of understanding of the risks and how they can be targeted.

These risks have increased significantly now that many of us are working remotely, and many charities allow staff and volunteers to use their own devices.

You Can Significantly Reduce This Risk


This jargon free training will give your staff and volunteers the tools that they need to identify a cyber-attack, what to do if they are targeted, and the simple practical steps they can immediately take to significantly reduce the risk of your charity being the victim of a successful attack, with all the financial and reputational damage this will cause.


  Focused E-learning​


  • Designed for everyone in your charity or VCSE


  • Will significantly reduce the risk of your organisation being hit by a successful cyber attack

  • Provides jargon free, non-techy practical steps that everyone in your organisation can take straight away to reduce the risk to your charity

  • 60 mins, interactive and visually stimulating. Not just a glorified PowerPoint. CPD certified

  • Course content​

    • Introduce the concept of information and cyber security and how and why charities and VCSE's are particularly at risk from cyber attacks

    • Describe the types of cyber attacks that your people might face and how they can identify and respond to them

    • Explain that 95% of successful cyber attacks involve human error and that cyber criminals will try to use your personnel to gain access to your funds and data

    • Provide simple straightforward steps that will allow your people to keep themselves and your charity safe online

  • Perfect for onboarding new trustees, staff and volunteers 

  • Delivered via our simple and secure online training systemor licenced to you for use on your own system


  • Take a short online test at the end of the training


  • Retake as often a required to pass, free of charge

  • No one will fail this course

  • Download your training completion certificate as a pdf immediately after training completion

  • Prove to beneficiaries, supporters and donors that you take data protection and cyber security seriously

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  • Standard price - £16.00


  • Your charity or VCSE may be eligible for a 25% discount on the standard price. Contact us to find out more - £12.00

  • Additional discount of up to 30% if this course is taken with one or more of our other courses

  • Take this course with our complementary GDPR course and get both for £14.40

  • Contact us if you would like to licence this course for unlimited use on your own training system

  • All prices are per person and do not include VAT

  • Contact us and we will make sure we give you a great price!

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Take a course for free to assess its suitability for your organisation. No obligation if you don't want to proceed.

If you want to go ahead, all we need is a list of names and email addresses. We complete the enrolment and provide users with their login emails.

Users can then login to our simple training system and complete their training, take the online test and download their certificate whenever suits them. They can halt and resume the training from where they left off, with no time limit on course completion.

After enrolment we will invoice you for payment by bank transfer. Additional new starters can be enrolled in groups or individually and invoicing can be flexible e.g. monthly or quarterly. You will also receive a regular completion status report so that you can track everyone's training progress.

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