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Charities are suffering during this cost of living crisis.

We can help by supporting you with high quality, low cost, CPD certified e-learning training.

Cyber Security
Safeguarding​ Children
Safeguarding Adults

Designed For Charities


All our e-learning courses are designed specifically for charities and not-for-profits and provide the maximum learning experience for your trustees, staff, and volunteers, with the minimum time and effort.

Letting them get on with what they want to be doing, which is supporting the crucial service that you provide.

The courses are delivered through our simple, safe, and secure online training system. Although for larger organisations that have their own learning management system, we can licence our courses to you for use on your own system.

Designed For All Your Team

We understand that you may have a diverse team, of different backgrounds, ages and experiences, and to some, online e-learning training may be a daunting prospect.


That is why our training system is extremely user friendly, intuitive and all our courses are delivered with a simple user guide, clearly explaining how to navigate through the course, take the test and download their certificate.

Also, all our courses begin with the premise that the user has zero understanding of a topic, and takes them logically step by step through the subject, so that the learning goal is achieved.

Building A Relationship

As well as needing high quality course content, we understand that you also need flexibility and understanding from our support team, either when deciding if the courses are suitable for your organisation, or supporting you and your users once they are enrolled.

That is why we don’t take the easy route and ask you to choose a course from our website, make a credit card payment and then leave you to it.


We want to build a partnership with you and your charity, allowing us to be reactive to your changing needs.


This can be seen in the long term relationships that we have built with our existing charity customers, as highlighted in the testimonials that many have provided.

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Take a course for free to assess its suitability for your organisation. No obligation if you don't want to proceed.

If you want to go ahead, all we need is a list of names and email addresses. We complete the enrolment and provide users with their login emails.

Users can complete their training, take the online test and download their certificate whenever suits them. They can halt and resume the training from where they left off, with no time limit on course completion.

After enrolment we will invoice you for payment by bank transfer. Contact us as and when you have new starters and we can enrol them in groups or individually. Invoicing each time, monthly or quarterly. We will also provide a regular, free completion status report so you can track progress.

Information & Cyber Security Awareness - for Charities

Cyber security attacks are on the rise and cyber criminals view charities as an easy target.


95% of successful cyber attacks have a significant element of human error.


Ensure that all your charity personnel understand how to keep your charity safe online. 

Virus Alert Rounded.jpg

An Introduction to Safeguarding Children - for Charities

(Level 1)

Ensure that your charity personnel understand how to recognise and respond to the signs of child abuse or neglect and how to record and report their concerns.

child safeguarding 2.jpg

UK & EU GDPR Awareness - for Charities

It is a legal requirement that your charity personnel are regularly trained so that they understand their responsibilities under the UK & EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Our simple, jargon free training will provide this.

ICO enforcement officers.jpg

An Introduction to Safeguarding Adults - for Charities

(Level 1)

Ensure that your charity personnel understand how to recognise and respond to the signs of abuse or neglect of adults at risk and how to record and report their concerns.

Safeguarding adults.jpg

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