The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Awareness Training

Fulfil staff awareness training requirements in just 30 minutes, with certification. Train new staff as they onboard, or provide refresher training for your existing staff. 

Train your staff online using our secure Learning Management System (LMS) from as little as £9 per person, or purchase the SCORM module and use on your own LMS.

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Check out a sample of the training. Or contact us to demo the whole module and you can be viewing it in our training system in minutes!  

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What Is The GDPR And How Does It Affect Me?

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is an EU law that controls how organisations collect, use and store the personal data of European Economic Area (EEA) citizens and the rights those citizens have with respect to their personal data. 

Whether you are a multi-national company, local business, charity, sports club or society, if you are based in the EEA, or based outside of the EEA and working with the personal data of people from this region, you must comply with the GDPR. 


  • The maximum fine for non compliance with the GDPR is €20 million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is greater.


  • It is easy for disgruntled former employees, customers, suppliers or members to report you to the UK data protection regulator, the ICO, if you are not complying with the GDPR.


  • The ICO is starting to get tough on GDPR non-compliance, having recently issued GDPR fines to British Airways and Marriot totalling £300 million. 

  • The UK government have confirmed that the requirement for GDPR compliance will not change if the UK leaves the European Union with or without a deal.

  • Ensuring that your staff are fully aware of, and trained in the GDPR, is a key requirement of the regulation. 

This training will fulfil that requirement and give you piece of mind that you are taking a key step towards GDPR compliance.

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Why Choose Our Training?

This training course will provide your staff with a clear understanding of the key elements of the GDPR and their role in ensuring that your organisation complies with the regulation.

  • The course is clear and understandable, whatever your background

  • Relevant and applicable to any organisation, large or small

  • Can be used as part of your onboarding training of new staff, or refresher training for existing staff

  • Mobile ready interactive e-learning

  • Can be completed on a mobile device or laptop/desktop

  • Delivered via our secure Learning Management System, or on your own training system

  • Certificate of attendance downloaded directly after completion

  • Focused and risk-based, so only 30 minutes needed to complete

  • Created by specialists with over 20 years experience in IT and data compliance

  • Zero failure rate of attendees. No one fails this course

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What Is the Cost And How Do I Sign Up?

The training per person (ex VAT) is only:


£16  - between 1 and 49 people

£14 - between 50 and 99 people

£9  - 100+ people

Signing up to and completing the training couldn't be easier. Contact us and we can have you signed up and your staff trained on the same day.

Attendees will be provided with a Username and Password and provided with simple straightforward instructions on how to complete the training, take the exam and save their certificate. No-one will fail this training.

Your staff do not need to be tech geeks to complete the course. If they can use the internet, they can navigate around the training system and complete the course.

Contact us today! 

How Will This Awareness Training Help Me Comply?

A simple and inexpensive way to take a key step towards GDPR compliance and significantly reduce the risk of receiving heavy fines, is to train your staff in the key elements of the regulation and have certification to prove it.


  • Fulfil the staff awareness training requirements of the regulation


  • Prove to the regulators and your customers that you are serious about data protection


  • Significantly reduce chances of a data breach or GDPR violation


  • Use training certification in your defence if you are investigated

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What Does The Training Cover?

  1. An overview of the regulation

  2. An explanation of who it applies to

  3. The consequences of non-compliance

  4. Understanding personal data

  5. Understanding data processing

  6. The roles involved in the GDPR and which roles apply to your staff

  7. The key principles of the GDPR

  8. What rights individuals have under the GDPR and how these rights affect your organisation

  9. What is a data breach and what your staff can do to help prevent them from happening, or identify and report them if they do

  10. Interactive quiz questions and scenarios throughout the course to check and cement understanding of the content

  11. A scored test at the end of the training, which can be re-taken as many times as needed, to allow completion of the course

  12. A certificate of successful completion that can be stored as a pdf and/or printed, to prove your staff are trained

The course is very interactive and focused only on what your staff need, to help you comply with the GDPR.

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Can I Use My Organisations LMS To Deliver The Training?

Of course! 

You can purchase the full course as a SCORM file, compatible will all popular Learning Management Systems. You can deliver training to as many of your staff as you need to. We do not add any restrictions on numbers.

We will then provide you with any updates to the course free, within 1 year of purchase.

Contact us today and make sure you are compliant!